Thursday, June 27, 2013


First: The New Car

We finally picked up Josephine (a.k.a. JoJo) last night and are so relieved to have a car with a warranty and maintenance plan. It was sad saying goodbye to Beatrix (a.k.a BeaBea - my old car) because I had her for 13 years, but what fun it is to have a new car. S's mom sat in it and went straight inside to S's dad and said "let's get one!" Too funny.


Butt shot
Setting up Bluetooth

Buttons and Knobs

Another rare photo of me, this time
with Monty, our salesman

JoJo on her first trip out to our new house. We
stopped at S's sister's house on the way.

Second: Puppies

At S's sister's house, we got to see the puppies. They are starting to get silly now and are growing really quickly. There are four of them in all, but they wouldn't all stay in one place for a family portrait.

Puppy wrestling

They won't hold still for a photo

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