Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Addicted!

I am addicted to this design website called Houzz.  While I can't totally envision the inside of the new house yet, I have some ideas.  We have been given complete creative license to decorate in any way we please.  While I know that our little barn-house will NOT look like any of these photographs (it's smaller, for one thing), here are a few things I have saved from the website.

Cute vintage things.
We will have at least one wall made from cedar that has been cut on
the property and milled by a family friend (these walls are pine).

Space for my BOOKS!!!!  I am also addicted to books!
Pantry storage, what a concept! We have no storage at all in our current house,
only two small reach-in closets in the two small bedrooms.

This barn is HUGE and OLD.  What a dream!!

Here is a link to my profile on Houzz if you want to see all the things I can't help but save.

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