Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our house is slowly becoming a home

We moved into our new house almost two months ago. When we moved in the electrical in the kitchen was unfinished (we had power on only one wall and no light fixture), we had no exterior walls - I mean, we had walls framed, siding on the outside and insulation, but no walls on the inside of those exterior walls, just insulation and studs - there were no appliances except for our microwave that we brought with us from our old house and a refrigerator, there was no kitchen sink (washing dishes in the bathtub is for the birds), there was no counter top in the kitchen, and the list goes on.

Today we have about 60% of our exterior walls up (cedar planks milled from trees on the property), we have appliances and a kitchen sink, we have about 85% of a counter top (my father-in-law, who is doing most of the work, has ADD so he bounces around from project to project), our dryer is finally vented so we can use it...I also installed the outlets in the kitchen and my brother-in-law installed the light fixture this past weekend after my failed attempt (I was wiring the switch leg wrong).

This is one of the only photos I have of the cedar
walls at the moment, they look very pink in this
photo, but that is exaggerated by the lighting.
They will also darken as they age.
You can also see the counter top (on the left you can
see how it is unfinished if you look closely), you
can see how we have no cabinet doors and you can
see what I mean when I say we have exposed insulation
and that we did not have outlets in the kitchen when this
photo was taken.

We still need doors on our cabinets, but the FIL is holding them hostage in some undisclosed location (remember, ADD), we need some kind of flooring...we currently are walking around on sub-flooring that is painted in most of the house, we need to put up and paint new siding to cover the old siding on the north and south walls of the exterior, we need our gutters put back up now that the new roofing is installed, and we need heat. Yes, you read that right, next week it will be October and we still don't have any way to heat the house. Yikes! Luckily it has been pretty hot and we have two through-the-wall air conditioners that work great. It has just recently been cool enough in the mornings and evenings to open the windows. For heat, we have been researching wood stoves, pellet stoves and direct vent propane heaters. We will see what we end up with.

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