Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our house is slowly becoming a home - Part 2

For those of you keeping tabs on our house status, here is a text heavy update. Please forgive the state of the photos that are here...I wasn't thinking of public viewing when they were taken, I was just sharing updates with my mom.

All of the cedar we currently have is on the walls. We are waiting for more trees to be milled...I think we are waiting for the guy with the mill to have time for us.

The cabinet doors are finally on with the exception of the dummy drawers under the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink and one door that has to be made (the cabinet was built when we moved in because we didn't already have a second corner cabinet - we needed two). I want to turn one cabinet door around so it opens the other direction and I also need to put cabinet pulls on the doors, I already put on the drawer pulls. Just a little measuring and drilling and that will be finished. Once these things are complete the kitchen will be basically done except for the floor.

Drawer pulls (some paint touch up is needed, too).

We have a heater but it isn't installed yet. The propane tank gets delivered this coming Monday and then the heater can be hooked up. We have been blessed with mostly heater-free weather so far and have only turned on one of our two space heaters on one morning.

Our (unassembled) heater...this will look like a fireplace but
runs on propane. It should heat the whole house with
the blower installed.

I have come up with a temporary fix for the splashing mud when it rains. I am going to anchor down some landscaping fabric around the two doors to cut down on splashing mud and dog and human feet tracking in dirt. Hopefully we will have gutters again soon which will help with the splashing. Once we know for sure where the permanent driveway will be situated we can create a more permanent fix for the exterior of the entry door areas.

In other news, we are enjoying being out of the city where it is quiet, but being close enough that we can easily "go to town" for shopping, eating out, etc. (I work in town, too). I think S is finally adjusting (she's a city girl who hates bugs and dirt) and we have been taking advantage of some of the local rural stuff like the local dairy. Their ice cream is wonderful (my current favorite is the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake and S loves the strawberry) and we buy all our milk there along with fresh cream for cooking, baking and making butter.

The dairy keeps their adorable calves in little pens by the farm store
when the store is open. They are so cute and friendly. This one made
friends with S on our last visit. S took this photo.

This photo was taken by S, too.

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